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Video Tutorials

Your Next Barn & Christman Bros Builders custom pole barn building tutorial videos

Building your barn DIY, or a veteran crew looking for new ways to do things? Either way, we have partnered with with our friends at Christman Bros Builders to bring you how-to videos for tips on building your pole building.
Check back often as we continue to add tips and tricks!

Step 1

Planning, Prepping, Setting Posts, and Walls

1. Batter Boards

2. Batter Boards After Grade

3. Running Lines

4. Marking Corners

5. Digging Post Holes

6. Footing Pads

7. Setting Posts

8. Righting Posts and Girts

Step 3

Doors and Windows

1. Door Prep

2. Window Prep

30 x 40 x 10 with Windows and 2 Doors custom pole barn building
30 x 40 x 12 with Windows and 2 Doors2 custom pole barn building

Step 4 

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